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August 2, 2018 0 COMMENTS


TIPSPINZ now has brand new features available. Download the new version available in APP stores now. DJ’s can now create their own events. Artist’s can now accept song and shout out requests Artist’s and DJ’s […]

Using TIP SPINZ User App

Open the TIPSPINZ app on IOS it will be the blue icon


You can sign up and login, or use Facebook to sign up and to sign in to the app.










You will see the our sponsors screen

The ads on this screen are all Geo-Centric . In other words if you login after signing up in Virginia you will only see ads from advertisers who placed their ad in Virginia. If you log in from New York , or Texas you will only see ads from those places. You can change your location once you get past this screen by clicking on the menu and going to your profile.





Choose A DJ / Artist or Choose A Club

If you choose a DJ  or Artist you will see the screen below. Again you will be able to use the pin drop next to the search button (magnifying glass) to change your location in case you go out of town.


Choosing DJ’s or Artist’s



Click Here To Check out The Full How To


Open the app and Sign up as a DJ


You can sign up and login, or use Facebook to sign up and to sign in to the app.

Once you pass this screen you will be prompted to sign up with Stripe. This is crucial because this is how you get paid.








Stripe Sign Up

After you fill out the preliminary information for the sign up, you will be prompted to sign up for a basic Stripe account. This will only ask you for basic info like name , phone number , email and the payment method TIP SPINZ will be paying you on.

Once you have set this information in Stripe, you will be able to login. Going forward you can use either your email and password  or by clicking on login using Facebook.  You must agree to the terms of service before logging in.








Time To Login and Add A Club

****Again the first thing that needs to happen is that the Club owner / Manager / Promoter of the club has to sign the club itself up before you can select it as a place to request to use the TIP SPINZ App on. *****

You can easily contact this person and give them the app from the app store and have them quickly add you.


Change your status to online. 

In order to go online and use the TIP SPINZ app as a DJ you need to change your status to online. You do this by selecting a club , and a playlist.



Click Here To Check out The Full How To

Download TIP SPINZ

Now Available Itunes  and on the Google Play Store

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DJ's Sign UP Now

DJ’s can sign up and create play lists for club goers to choose their favorite songs from.

  • Get tips for song requests
  • Accept or Deny the request as not to take away from your craft.
  • Get tips for Shout Out requests
  • Alert users their song has been played
  • Share your actions on Social Media

Club Owners / Managers

Club’s sign up today and manage your accounts.

  • Clubs have the option of getting tips from VIP users
  • Login and manage your flyers , ads , and events for your club
  • Get notified when DJ’s login at your club
  • Add DJ’s to your club from the admin panel
  • Accept DJ request from the App

App Users

Sign up now and get your favorite song played .

  • Request songs
  • Request shout outs
  • Check your pending and accepted requests
  • Check out upcoming events and shows on the request screen
  • Vote for model of the month on Tipspinz.com
  • Share your requests on social media

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Now Available Itunes  and on the Google Play Store